Exercise test (lactate test)

Would you like to know how your condition actually is? With this exercise test we can investigate your strengths and weaknesses.

Your endurance is mapped reliably through a progressive lactate test. Based on this test we determine your personal training zones, pace and heart rate. These results are discussed in detail and sent to you. You can get started right away on the field!

The test consists of an X x1200m or 1600m or 2000m, depending on age, level and for which discipline you are preparing. At the end of each repetition, heart rate (sl / min) and pace (min/km) are noted. By collecting a drop of blood (from finger or earlobe) in the lactate meter, the lactate can be measured (mmol).

The test is preceded by a short intake interview: What are your goals, what is your sports history, previous tests, …


€100/exercise test
Groups/clubs/companies: upon request

Do you have any questions? Do you want to make an appointment? Then you can always contact me via roel@fsport.be or on +32 478 26 49 97

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