Our values

F-sport consists of coaches, employees and athletes who are all passionate about endurance sports. Each of us has been engaged in endurance sports from an early age and we can only feel the passion and enthusiasm grow. We now want to share this feeling with everyone through F-sport. From young people (sports camps) to promising athletes (F-sport elite), but also for the holiday maker who wants to achieve certain sports goals or who wants to exercise for his health. It is just fantastic to be able to share these beautiful sports with the world.

F-sport originated in June 2017 when the company Fornaxx (hence the original F) wanted to sponsor a number of promising athletes. With a team of athletes and coaches, F-sport is now increasingly being developed into an organization that wants to get everyone to work out. In this way we can share our knowledge and experiences with the young and/or recreational athlete. Our sponsor Fornaxx certainly remains in our story, but more and more the meaning of the “F” is transferred to the F of Future. With our values and the way we work (short or long term) we want to achieve goals for everyone through his own way and at his own pace.

With F-sport we are looking for a scientific and professional way to help make your dreams come true. Whatever these may be. This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions. The process behind all this is really important for achieving your goals. In this way you can work efficiently towards your own future!

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